Is it time for a heater replacement in Leonard, MI? Total Heating, Cooling & Electrical can quickly and affordably take care of your heating needs. Our expert team can diagnose any problems with your current system so that you have optimal comfort from the start. We offer personalized heater replacement in Leonard, MI and will work hard to ensure complete satisfaction.

When should you plan for heater replacement?

If you find yourself constantly fighting with your heater, running it during the day and then turning it off at night, then this is usually a sign that it is time for replacement. It’s important to note that even if your heater is incredibly efficient, age can still be an issue. Heaters should be replaced every 15 years or so depending on the model and type of system involved.

Also consider your budget. How often are you planning on staying in Leonard, MI? If you plan to move within 10 years, then investing in more durable material may not be worth the higher cost.

What are some signs you need heater replacement?

A complete breakdown would definitely warrant a new unit but there are other signs that might lead to the same conclusion:

Inability to heat one or more rooms – This could lead to your heater breaking down completely, as it is likely not getting enough air flow.

Blowers that make loud noises – Loud noises indicate a problem with the belt and/or motor of the blower. This may be an indication that it needs replacement.

Higher-than-normal usage of energy – If you’ve been noticing a sudden increase in your electric bill, this might be because your heater has begun using higher levels of energy than normal.

The fan won’t shut off – If the blower just keeps running after turning off the thermostat or manual switch, then this is also a sign of need for new heating source.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to call Total Heating & Cooling for heater replacement in Leonard, MI.

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