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Electrical Services in Leonard, MI

Electrical services come with risks of accidents, which can lead to injury or death. With that in mind, you should never handle electrical repair work on your own or hand it over to unqualified individuals. Always get a licensed electrical contractor because they only work with qualified electricians, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Total Heating, Cooling, And Electrical electricians are highly trained, certified, and insured to do a perfect and safe job every time. Our electricians provide reliable electrical services in Leonard, MI, and surrounding areas. We have the solutions to all your electrical problems, no matter how big or small they are.

We provide a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family with our trustworthy heating replacement services, which include new electrical panel installation and electrical panel repair, amongst others!


Do I Need An Electrical Inspection?

It is advisable to have an electrical inspection by a certified electrical contractor before you purchase a home.

If you have a recurring electrical problem, you should request an electrical inspection.

You need one before any major home renovation and building addition.

If your house is old, that is, more than 25 years, it needs to have an electrical inspection.

We recommend an electrical inspection if your home has a history of electrical work by an amateur electrician.

What Do Electrical Contractors Do?

An electrical contractor is a company that is licensed and insured to work on electrical systems. While there are different types of electrical contractors, we’ll list here some duties of an inside electrical contractor, which is what we are:

Electrical contractors work inside a property, taking care of all the electrical needs during construction.

As electrical contractors, we also do the installation of all electrical components.

Not only do we as contractors take care of all electrical repairs within your property, but we also cater to your routine maintenance needs.

Inside electrical contractors are responsible for executing all wiring work within your home or office space.

Do I Need Professional Electrical Outlet Repair?

You need a pro electrical repair if you have an electrical outlet problem. Examples of such issues are:

If you connect a plug to your electrical outlet and it falls out, it may be a sign of worn contacts.

A burning smell from your electrical outlet.

A discolored outlet is a sign you need professional outlet repair. The problem may not be the outlet itself but could be due to damaged wiring.

You notice sparks coming from your electrical outlet.

Buzzing and other weird sounds emanating from your outlets.

Aside from our electrical services, we also set the pace in air conditioning installation, maintenance, replacement, and repair services. Exceptional performances in heating maintenance add to our long list of success areas!


Because at Total Heating, Cooling, And Electrical, we focus solely on residential duties, we can channel all of our resources into one area, giving our clients better than what they expect. Call us today at (248) 969 9100 for a comprehensive electrical inspection in Leonard, MI, and neighboring areas!