Is your heater not working as it should? Perhaps it’s making unusual sounds, or you notice that the thermostat is not turning on and off correctly. If these things happen, it may be time to schedule a repair for your heater. There are several signs to look out for when determining if you require heater home repair in Leonard, MI. Some of the common signs are as follows:

Temperature not turning on or off properly: If the temperature of your apartment or house is not turning on or off correctly, there can be issues with the thermostat. It may need to be changed, adjusted, or replaced entirely. You may also want to check that it’s properly wired and installed in the wall.

Running all of the time: If your home’s heater keeps running when there isn’t a need for heating, you may have an issue with either your thermostat or the part connected to it. If this seems to be the case, make sure that you are not leaving your heater running accidentally. You may want to investigate the causes of this issue further by enlisting the services of a professional for repairs.

Rattling noises: If you’re hearing rattles and strange sounds from your heating system, this can be a sign that there is an issue with the system itself and not so much an issue with the thermostat. A professional can help you troubleshoot what is going on and find a solution to get rid of the clanging sounds that your heater may be making.

Unusual smells: If your heating system is producing an odd smell, this can mean something has gone wrong internally in the heater. For example, if you notice that there is a burning smell coming from your heater, call in a professional for heating maintenance in Leonard, MI. There may be something wrong with the pilot light or other similar issues with the system itself.

Heater repair in Rochester Hills, MI should not be taken lightly and needs to be handled by the professionals like Total Heating, Cooling & Electrical. If you notice any of these issues in your heater, give us a call today at 248-788-6028 to schedule repairs.