Everytime you turn on your AC, you should never be left wondering if your AC is actually going to turn on with a flip of a switch! When you invest in regular A/C maintenance Leonard, MI, you will be left with a peace of mind after every check up. At Total Heating Cooling Electrical our AC technicians want to share some important information with you about your AC maintenance!

What Is The AC Maintenance Leonard, MI Process Like?

We all are aware that an AC system has a lifespan of up to about 10 to 15 years. However, you can only achieve optimal results by having your AC unit perform optimally with regular and professional AC maintenance. A professional should perform a tune up before the summer. If you own a heat pump which provides both heating and cooling then a tune up before winter should be done too.

During the AC maintenance visit, the following will be done by the AC maintenance technician –

When Air Conditioning Repair Services Rochester Hills, MI Is Requires?

If you experience one or more of the following signs, it is a clear indication that you will need air conditioning repair services Rochester hills, MI.

  1. The air is not blowing cold – if the air being circulated is not as cold as it used to be or if it’s just hot, this could mean your system is on overdrive just to keep temperatures comfortable. This issue could be the result of leaking/low refrigerant, duct leakage or condenser issues.
  2. Air flow has become poor – ranging from a dirty air filter, faulty fan control board to a bad blower motor, your fan could be the target of many problems such as these.

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