Believe it or not, most homeowners don’t pay enough attention to their AC unit until it completely breaks down! Replacing an AC unit can cost you most of your savings and this could be avoided by giving your AC unit a little TLC. Having your AC repaired at the first signs of malfunction comes with numerous benefits.

Here is the main benefit:

At Total Heating, Cooling, and Electrical, we are a dedicated company who puts our customers first. Your AC repair services are our top priority and our mission is to keep you comfortable whenever you need it the most. For a company you can trust on for the best AC unit repair, Leonard, Michigan, Total Heating, Cooling and Electrical has got you covered!

When Should A/C Replacement Be An Option?

There could come a time when your AC repair technician would advise you that it’s time for AC replacement. Thinking of the costs, you could shut this thought down and go with a quick repair. But sometimes a quick repair is not enough.

If you are in a situation in which your air conditioner breaks down frequently/the repair will cost more than your AC unit amongst other signs, then it’s time for A/C replacement. Having professional AC replacement done can save you money in the long run, time and remove the headache of sitting with a malfunctioning AC.

You can avoid malfunctions and AC repair by investing in quality AC services! When our AC service technician arrives at your home loaded with all the right parts and equipment, he will give your AC unit a thorough inspection by cleaning parts which are dirty such as the ducts and filters and even change the filters if need be. He will also clean the condensate drain and pan, cleaning and lubricating the motor and fan and tighten any electrical parts where necessary. Our AC service technician will only leave once your AC unit is up and running efficiently!

Heater Repair Services Are As Important!

In the same way that we want to stay cool and comfortable during the summer months, we want to stay warm in the winter. When your heater unexpectedly breaks down or shows warning signs of a malfunction, you can trust us at Total Heating, Cooling, and Electrical for reliable heater repair services.

Your World Class HVAC Company!

Night or day, when you need AC repair, AC replacement or heater repair services, turn to the number one HVAC company in Leonard, Michigan! At Total Heating, Cooling, and Electrical we also offer you quality AC maintenance services and financing options for your comfort! Call us now on 248-845-3020!