To ensure your air conditioner runs smoothly all summer long, it’s important to perform routine maintenance tasks. By completing these five simple tasks, you’ll help keep your system running efficiently and keep repairs and replacements to a minimum. So before the temperatures start rising, be sure to call an AC maintenance service in Leonard, MI for assistance.

1. Check and clean the air filter monthly: To clean or replace the filter, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Inspect and clean the coils yearly: The evaporator and condenser coils play an important role in heat transfer. If they become dirty or damaged, it can reduce your system’s efficiency. To clean the coils, simply remove them and use a soft brush or cloth to remove any dirt or debris.

3. Lubricate moving parts yearly: The fan motors and other moving parts in your air conditioner need to be lubricated every year. This helps to reduce friction and wear, prolonging the life of your system.

4. Check the refrigerant level yearly: The refrigerant is what cools the air in your home. If it’s low, it can cause your system to overwork and use more energy. To check the level, simply look at the pressure gauges on the compressor.

5. Schedule yearly maintenance with a professional: To ensure your system is running properly and to catch any potential problems before they cause major damage, it’s important to have your air conditioner serviced by a professional at least once a year.

By following these simple AC maintenance tips, you can help keep your air conditioner functioning smoothly throughout the summer. But if you ever run into any problems, be sure to schedule AC repairing services in Rochester Hills, MI for assistance.

At Total, Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we offer top-quality AC maintenance and repair services. Our team of experienced technicians is here to help keep your system running smoothly all year long. If the system is old and needs to be replaced, we’ll help you with a complete air conditioning replacement in Leonard, MI.

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